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New Kitten

We hope you are having so much fun with your new kitten! Here is a bit of info on what we recommend for new kitten owners.


At 8 weeks old: First feline distemper (FVRCP) vaccine

At 12 weeks old: Second FVRCP booster

At 16 weeks old: Third FVRCP and their rabies vaccine, both of which will be due a year after these are given.

Another vaccine we carry is the feline leukemia vaccine, which is recommended for cats that are spending any time outdoors.  

Black and White Kitten
A black cat in a paper bag


The food brands we trust for kittens are Royal Canin, Hill's Science Diet, Eukanuba and Purina Pro Plan. 

In order to avoid unecessary weight gain and to be able to better monitor their eating habits, we recommend feeding cats specifically measured meals instead of free feeding. 


Kittens tend to come with a lot of little parasites! We offer in-clinic deworming with Pyrantel and Praziquantel.

We don't carry heartworm prevention or flea and tick prevention for cats in house due to the lack of demand, but you can easily get any that your cat might need through our online pharmacy!

Image by Andriyko Podilnyk
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